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This particular Charlotte Scrabble Club is on hiatus. Check the NASPA Website and contact Eileen Johnson for more information on club meeting times and/or tournament information.

Interested in beating that guy who's always beaten you? Have a love of words, a thirst for knowledge, and a zest for competition? You've come to the right place! We welcome players of all ages. From elementary school to the senior center, there's an opponent for you! Contact the director for more information!

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Past Events
2013 EC EB / EC ME / Newcomers
Myrtle Beach II EB / ME
Gatlinburg Revival III
Park VI / Chez Katya XIV
State Championship
Alpharetta V

2012 EC EB / ME / NC
Myrtle Beach I EB / ME
Gatlinburg Revival II
Park V / Chez Katya XII
Alpharetta IV
Chez Katya XIII / CSW

2011 EC / EB / NC&NAST / Nite Bird
Gatlinburg Revival
Park IV / Chez Katya XI
Alpharetta Labor Day III

2010 EC / Newcomers EB / Nite Bird
Park III / Chez Katya VIII
Chez Katya IX
Chez Katya X

2009 EC / Newcomers EB / Nite Bird
Park II / Chez Katya VII

Chez Katya III
Park I / Chez Katya IV
Chez Katya V
Charlotte Open / Nite Bird
Chez Katya VI

Chez Katya I
Chez Katya II