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2nd North Carolina State Scrabble Championship

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The 2nd North Carolina State Scrabble Championship is a NASPA-sanctioned, rated invitational tournament pitting the best Scrabble players in North Carolina against each other. The event will take place from September 13th-14th, 2014 at the home of Matthew and Katie Bernardina in Durham, NC.

The top 10 players from NC will be invited to compete (ties broken by current rating, then lifetime peak) in this tournament of 16 rounds. Players qualify by peak rating starting after and including the 1st State Championship, all the way up to immediately after the 2014 National Scrabble Championship. We have decided to a move a format involving no prize money, to focus on the fun and camaraderie of the game. The entry fee is a modest $20 which will cover two lunches and the NASPA Participation Fee.

Each day's session will begin at 9 AM. We'll play 4 games, break for lunch (provided), and then resume play at around 2 PM for the 4-game afternoon session. The first 9 rounds will be paired Round Robin. Rounds 10-12 will be paired Chew-modified Swiss two rounds ahead. Rounds 13-15 will be paired Chew-modified Swiss based on the previous round. Round 16 will be King of the Hill for contenders, minimizing repeats for the rest of the field. The most current ratings available will be used for seeding.

The most up-to-date standings for NC can be viewed here. At right are peak and current ratings of the top 20-ish people in NC, last updated August 14th, 2014. They will be updated every month or so. Contact Ryan with any questions.