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Scrabblin' in the Park VI!

Who: Anyone who loves Scrabble® Brand Crossword Game!

Two One-Day events organized by Ryan Fischer.
Scrabblin' in the Park (see entrants) (6/8) - 9 games. A lite NEWCOMERS division of 4 games for those who can only play a half day (Entry fee: $30). Director reserves the right to change division cutoffs and move players as needed.) (unlimited play-ups, so long as playing up doesn't adversely affect makeup of divisions) (Entry fee: $55). As it is impossible to predict the turnout of this event, two or three divisions will be formed at director's discretion. Cutoffs shown on are only estimates and are subject to change.

Here is some VERY preliminary budget and prize information for The Park. It is subject to change at any time, so take it with a grain of salt.

Late Bird Chez Katya (see entrants) (6/9) 8 games, 1 or 2 divisions split at director's discretion. (Entry: $45)
Enjoy southern hospitality at its finest at the hands of the FABULOUS Katya Lezin (and play some Scrabble too!).

Why: Because we really like you.
When: June 8th-9th, 2013
Where: Day 1 @ Park Road Park Shelter #2
Note: This is a DIFFERENT shelter than the one used in years past.

6215 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 336-7600

Day 1 Schedule
9:00-9:30 - Check In & Set Up
9:30-1:30 - Games 1-4
1:30-2:15 - Lunch (Not Provided)
2:15-7:15 - Games 5-9
7:30 - Awards & Cleanup

Day 2 @ the Home of Katya Lezin.
Directions provided the week prior to the event. Please note that the Lezin/Lieberman household has two very friendly dogs which will be out and about throughout the duration of the day, so those with allergies, phobias, or other canine issues should take note.

Day 2 Schedule
8:30-9:00 - Check In & Set Up
9:00-1:00 - Games 1-4
1:00-1:45 - Lunch (Provided)
1:45-5:45 - Games 5-8
6:00 - Awards & Cleanup

Late deadline is May 25th, 2013 ($5 late fee per event)
Registration finalized on June 4th, 2013.

Register online or contact the director with any questions.