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2012 Eastern SCRABBLE Championship - Registration Form

After registering online via this form, you will receive an email that contains an address where you may mail your entry fee(s). Tourney registrations must be postmarked by January 17th, 2011, after which time the Main Event price increases $20. No Main Event walk-ins. To participate in NASPA-sanctioned Scrabble tournaments, one must be a member of NASPA. Tournament fees may also be paid via PayPal , adding a processing fee calculated during registration.

Contact Information If you have played with us before, there's a good chance we already have your information. Enter your First Name and Last Name as they appear on, along with your ID Key given to you via email, and if your information is found, it will be filled in for you! If you have three names, try entering two of them in one box, and one in the second, or vice versa. Report any bugs as needed.
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Early Bird (8 games, February 17th, 2012)
Main Event (24 games, February 17th-20th, 2012) For the Main Event, you may play UP to any division, regardless of your rating! Please check your rating before registering. If your rating changes, putting you in a different division than what you had registered, or if you register in the wrong division, you will still be required to pay (or be refunded) the difference.
Newcomers (6 games, February 18th, 2012, Coincides with Main Event)
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     Be sure to enter your NASPA membership number properly.

     Be sure to enclose educational proof with your entry fee. No exceptions!

     I understand I MUST include a photocopy of my ID illustrating I was born on or before February 17th, 1947
     in order to be eligible for this discount. No exceptions!

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Payment Method
10% cancellation fee if cancelling 48 hours or more before event time. No refunds after that time.
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