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Charlotte Scrabble Club
NASPA Club #668
Charlotte :: Myrtle Beach :: Gatlinburg
The Park :: Carolina Cup :: Alpharetta

Division C Round 18 Alphabetic Pairings

Board Player   Opponent
4 Allen, Peter (C9) 1st Price, Amy (C11) 2nd 3peat
6 Armstrong Helms, Becky (C12) 1st Hoang, Kenny (C6) 2nd 3peat
5 Dimmick, Lindsey (C1) 1st Sherbourne, Veronica (C10) 2nd 3peat
2 Gardner, Andrew (C5) 2nd Lieberman, Hannah (C4) 1st repeat
6 Hoang, Kenny (C6) 2nd Armstrong Helms, Becky (C12) 1st 3peat
3 King, Tina Totten (C8) 2nd Poole, Cathy (C3) 1st 3peat
2 Lieberman, Hannah (C4) 1st Gardner, Andrew (C5) 2nd repeat
1 OLaughlin, Tom (C2) 2nd Salgado, Erik (C7) 1st 3peat
3 Poole, Cathy (C3) 1st King, Tina Totten (C8) 2nd 3peat
4 Price, Amy (C11) 2nd Allen, Peter (C9) 1st 3peat
Board Player   Opponent
1 Salgado, Erik (C7) 1st OLaughlin, Tom (C2) 2nd 3peat
5 Sherbourne, Veronica (C10) 2nd Dimmick, Lindsey (C1) 1st 3peat

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