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2011 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 8

Oh, hi! I decided to eschew most color in the first day and concentrate on various other fires. Though, I did have help from the wonderful Elyse Fox, Eliza Lieberman, Jenifer Champagne, and Marc Handler, the latter two of which took the initiative (and some photographs), and will hopefully add a refreshing, more outside perspective on the goings on of the day.

The main event is as refreshing as it is unpredictable, with none of the usual suspects dominating their divisions, yet still remaining competitive with up-and-comers. David Koenig and Bruce Ambrosio are exactly tied at 6-2 +239, with Mallick and Fukawa-Connelly not far behind. Lorraine Burton ruled table 1 for most of the day until she was knocked off by Tom O'Rourke. And Daniel Blake is surprising everyone, threating (as much of) a runaway (as he can), off to an 8-0 +644 start and a +125 ratings gain!

At lunch today I announced my new upcoming venture, the Gatlinburg Scrabble Revival (website forthcoming), and then invited other directors to do the same. Events in Connecticut, Atlanta, Asheville, and New Orleans, among others, will sprinkle the calendar for the forseeable future, ensuring a healthy Scrabble selection.

Joel Sherman and Dan Horowitz walked in to the Nite Bird making us an even 10, and I got them off and running at 8 PM sharp.