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2011 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 20

I've been lax with the updates, having to wear the hats I do. Plus, my trusty reporters (well, one of them) were sick yesterday. Still, everything went smoothly even though I haven't had much time to chronicle it.

I paused to snap a pic of Kate's and Ian's game and she waved me over to show me that after she played (P)LEASURE the last 6 tiles out of the back were CIOSTU (coitus :)). Earlier, she insta-challenged out of necessity Ian's 140-point VEI(L)INgS.

Skins have been awarded for the most part. I break certain ties based on criteria such as "did they get a different prize that round" or who won? But one 5-way tie in division B there was no easy way of breaking (Bergeron had WELLEST, Mahnken: PURITAN, Snoddy: FLUTTERY, Lieberman: SQUEEZE, and Lezin: SEQUOIA -- ALL for 86 points), and ditto for a 3-way tie in Division A, so I'm sending an extra $10 the way of CT and TSH for all their help.