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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 9

Round 9

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to you all! A quiet, on-time start this morning, with nearly everyone in their places with bright, shiny faces. All but Joey Krafchick and Terry Kang Rau, who were paired together. Joey let me know that he was too "lazy" to get his playing equipment from the car (his mom was busy annotating board 1) and I suggested that a forfeit loss would take care of that just fine. He sprung up and found the equipment in his mom's car right away!

So, just as Joey had it all set up, Terry Kang Rau and her hotel entourage arrived. On Terry time, it was the breakfast hour, so she had a hotel staff person follow her into the playing room. She carried her pot of coffee and cup and he carried her food, covered with a metal, keep it warm top. All that was missing was the large palm frond and someone to carry her veil. All very dramatic. She took the time to give me the real news, that she and hubby Stefan, are wearing matching Valentine's Day outfits today which consist of matching long sleeved T-shirts in different colors (so as to not be too tacky!).

After running a 4-game Late Night event last night, Energizer bunny Ryan went home and inputted a few annotated games for a night cap, before getting in those crucial three hours of sleep. He is now playing a Santa's elf by running around the room and dropping $5 bills on people who had high wins/high plays yesterday!

Something is amiss, on Valentine's Day, the woman who lives in pink (pink protiles, pink pen, pink tracking sheet, pink board, etc.) is wearing a blue sweater!! I've got to find out the story behind that!

Eric Harshbarger's lanky frame was atop two chairs by my work station this morning. In his hands he held a tiny, clear plastic box. Intrigued, I asked what this was all about. He said that since Legos occupies less of his time, he now does games and he left me with one of his creations. Transluscent, plastic numbers in cool hues, are packed into a square that fit inside this tiny box. My task, should I decide to take it, is to reassemble these numbers so they go back in. We'll see.......

This is a crash course in crytocrosswords last night. I've got some new games!

Wes Edding vs. Yolanda Ushry. One of them tries RANCIDER* from the R and it gets yanked off the board.

Katya Lezin is beaming (when isn't she?). She says, "I just got creamed by 200!" Mary Ellen Weisskopf said, "I think it is just 191." And this made us all laugh. Katya points out that you get your victories where you can and her's this game was to reach 300 points. A 510-319 win for Mary Ellen based on the strength of plays like HOLDERS for 91, TeRRINE for 66, and CONTENT for 77.

Judy Cole vs. Chuck Riordan. I see his CReATURE for 60 and her OpENNESS for 74.

Two people walk away from the challenge machine CHETAE* was ruled not acceptable.Now, THAT would have made an interesting AE hook! We have a contest in this event for the "best AE hook play." The winner will get a copy of Katya Lezin's new Knight Swam, a book targetted for younger readers.

Sam Rosin vs. John Luebkemann: John opened with DOUREST for 70 and Sam replied with the rack-cleaning IONIUM. Sam also played PODESTA for 82 and MeRINOS for 77 and John got down eNTICED for 69, winning the game, 399-392.

Teresa Schaffer vs. Linda Wancel: DOUBTInG for 72 and HUMOREd or 82, both Linda's.

Flora Taylor vs. Marilyn Pomeroy: CLANGERS, PRETAPInG, BANNeRS, and EnTIRES are on their in-progress game.

Joey Mallick vs. Brett Haughney. The latter is shaking his head. Brett played RAISERS and Joey replied with POTTY down the triple, hooking to make PRAISERS. Joey also got down MORALIZED and I see UNBIASED and UNLADEd. Another win for Joey who is pretty much on fire here.

Ian Weinstein vs. Steve Polatnick: TABOURED and OUTRAGEd on their in-progress game.

David Koenig outbingoed with TRUCKEr and defeated Stefan Rau, 562-361. David got down the naughty ANNATOS* (I know, you think I typed that wrong, I didn't), Stefan replied with NEUTRALS through the T, and then David played JOSTLERS on the triple for 119. Ouch. Stefan played INGESTA and David got down HARPIsT.

Joel Sherman vs. David Gibson: a crowd has gathered. The clouds have parted above and angels are singing and shining light down upon Joel's pate. Well, okay, it is just a skylight, but this almost happened. In a game where David played SOLIqUiD, GERMANIC, and FOLATES, he loses to Joel, who got down UNFAITHS and the unbelieveable AEQUORIAN to the N, hooking to make AW for 124. Wow. Joel wins this matchup, 499-470.

Alex Greenman vs. Mark Abadi. This game was Mark's totally, until Alex outbingoed wtih DETOXES for 68 to win the game, 334-321. If I find Mark's jaw on the floor, I'll be sure to put it on the Lost & Found table.

Mandy Holloman, all the way here from Atlanta with her husband, tied this round, 332-332. She and her opponent chose not to recount. She is wearing lovely Valentine'sDay earrings that her husband MADE for her. They are intricate and constructed out of tiny beads. What a renaissance man! She says he is a delight, this husband of hers. He competitive jump ropes, knows how to cross stich, has raised gerbils. He just does everything! Ah, young love. Oh, Mandy's opponent this round was not her husband; she plays him in the next round!