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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 20

Round 20

I finally get to peer at a division B, board 1, before it is hurriedlypicked up! Liz Gottlin and Matthew Berardina (from the same club in Chapel Hill/Durham), started their best of three battle. Liz's first play was NATERS for 66 and her second was VITTLeS for 698. She later got down OUTRIDES for 62. Matthew played three bingos of his own: TRIGONAL for 83, BLANKET, and HARRIERs/BLANKETs. Matt's win, 533-429.

Joanne Cohen vs. Cythia Seales. Their in-progress board has REROOTED*, OUTSAIlS, BETIDiNG, and DECRIAL.

Edward Stewart vs. Diana Grosman: TARTIEST, EBONITEs, and SHORTER.


John Luebkemann vs. Barry Keith. Well, let's just say it was a big game for John. He got down ZEK for 49, EX for 46, REBIRTHS from the RE for 42, and then the lovely 167-point, triple-triple SYNAPsID went down. Barry did get down PENDULAR for 76, which provided the P for that triple-triple, but he explains he was behind and needed to open up the board. Perhaps not that open!

Mark Abadi vs. Jacob Cohen at table 1 in division C, going for all the marbles.I see Mark's ZINGS, which he later extended to HAZINGS for 40. He also played DILUENT and yTTRIaS, which drew a challenge. Mark's win, 427-291.

A second loss of the event is delivered to Joey Mallick this round, this time by Ian Weinstein. As Joey sat looking over the game, I asked him how it went and he said "Awesome game, a blast, whatever happened." I see Joey's NITRATOR for 77 and MANITOS. Ian played CARGOES for 84, EQUATION from the E for 78, IZARs for 61, and the great outbingo LENsLeSS through the blank S.This outplay was controversial and brave all at the same time. Ian wasn't around at the time of the kibbitzing, but it was speculated that he might not have been 100% sure of the word and that had it been called off, Joey was within range to actually win the game. Both annotators, Amy Krafchick and Mary Caviness (the winner of the newcomers division on Friday), said the game was very interesting.