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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 2

Round 2

Okay, two games down and two games with opening bingos against Terry Kang Rau. This round it was MILLIONS. If I kept better notes, we might know who that opponent was....

Danny Kidd keeps running around the room, jumping up and down, going hither and tither. I stop him, which isn't easy, and he explains, "I just can't sit down. I think I've got AC/DC [sic] or something." After nearly laughing myself to death, I nodded and told him that I understood.

David Gibson is getting his revenge on the cruel world that gave him that bad losing start. He just kicked Joey Krafchick to the curb with a big win which included a 185-point triple-triple, TACKLERS through the E. Joey's Mom was annotating David that game and Elyse Fox was annotating Joey. There was a tremendous amount of telepathic annotator empathy flying around that table.

Update on Joanne Cohen: we've found a bit of string from a hotel birthday party across the hall and we've got her tied to her chair so she won't float away. :)

Robin LaPrelle vs. Ian Weinstein: E?CASED, SERENATA, and STRIVeD.

Paul Avrin vs. Susan Bertoni: ZAPpERs and AMNIOTE on the board.Heavy sighing coming from Paul's side.

Clock just ran out on the game between Joel Sherman and Eric Harshbarger. One forfeit loss for Joel. Hurry up Joel!

Sam Rosin vs. Martin Weisskopf. Beautiful bingos: OUTSERTS for 60, SEETHINg for 78, EXALTING for 82, ROADSIDE for 66, and DOWDIeST for 89. I'm not sure who played which word, but I heard Martin sigh and accept a game score that had about a 100-point differential. The reason I don't know who played which word is that I was folded in thirds, at the side and under the table by Sam's clipboard, which was on his lap leaning on the table. So, I could read, but not the whole sheet. He just ignored me, I love it. Total focus.

Noah Lieberman vs. Liz Gottlin. I see Noah's great hair, his big smile as I walk by, and the gorgeous BuNGLERS on their board.

Eileen Johnson is writing down EXPIRErS on the challenge slip. She and Mary Ellen Weisskopf make their way to the challenge machine, the word stays on the board. Another word learned the hard way.

I love this room with its SIX skylights (no longer shrouded in sun-blocking snow) and five double french doors to the inner courtyard. Beginning to see why, maybe, these people are all freezing! To me, the weather is gorgeous and warm, but I'm part eskimo!