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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 19

Round 19

In division A, the fact that both Joey Mallick and Ian Weistein won their first two games today, means that the game this round is being played for ratings and fun only. They both earned their berth into the final three rounds after lunch. In the case of Joey, he won his third game, making it a clean sweep, in his game trio with Barry Keith. I walk by and notice their complete 437-342 game. Joey played VALERAE and LORDOTiC and Barry played RURALIZE.

Yolanda Ushry points out a nicely nestled play she made in her in-progress game with Charlene White. FAULT was on the board above SUNTANS. Yoli played MOISTEN beneath them to create UM/NO/TI/FAS/ANT/USE. Wowsa!

Mark Abadi and Jason Lee have a pretty board going. I see SIERRAN, FEISTIER, and ROcKETS.

Benton Bowen and Jacob Cohen are done their third game and it was Jacob's win. Benton says he averaged 386 per game and Jacob averaged 401, over their three games.

Chad Harris vs. Matt Bernardina: MORAINE for 74 and ALININE*, which Matt left on the board because it gave him a place for PrOJECTS for 88.Matt also played DIASTER. They were 1-1 coming into this game, so this winsends Matt to the finals with Liz Gottlin in division B.

An interesting opening rack for Ian Weinstein in his game with John Luebkemann. His picked up his tiles in this order, one by one: A A A A L T and he held out before getting that last tile, hoping for a Y or a ?.It turns out to be an L. He said he sat for 5 mins looking at the board; thinking of ALA, TALA, etc. And then he just did something spontaneous and unlike himself. He picked up all the tiles, put them into his hands and shook and then put one randomly down and passed the rest. Turned out, he'd kept an A. He was able to play ALATiONS to the S for 74 with his next rack. I see a 102-point opening of OZONISE for John, and it was his win, 401-395.