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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 17

Round 17

We began this morning at 8:30 am, which gives us a bit more time to fit in today's 6 games. Match play has begun for A's Joey Mallick vs. Barry Keith and John Luebkemann vs. Ian Weinstein.

Each of the pairs will play three games against the same opponent.

B's David Rauppius vs. Liz Gottlin and Matt Bernadina vs. Chad Harris. At the midway point, on the latter board I saw FATELESS. Liz vs. David had SHANKEd and URANITE.

C's Benton Bowen vs. Jacob Cohen and Jason Luci vs. Mark Abadi.

In the John Luebkemann vs. Ian Weinstein game, I see John's LEWISITE and SEIZORS. Ian played RECTORS and the lovely nonbingo ACAPNIA. The most fun play goes to John for extending GONER by adding DOG to the front down the triple lane. John's win,

Joey bingoed out in his game with Barry: CrUSADE for 85, catching Barry with NYILNED. I see Barry's QUANTITy for 76 and STORAGE for 70. Joey got down TARRIES for 70. Barry admitted it had been a blunder on his part. If he had only put his N down, he could have stopped the bingo, but he simply missed the spot. He smiled and said something about it being annotated for the world to see his mistake. I assured him we had all seen far worse!

We have a new annotator this round Mary Caviness, the winner of the newcomers on Friday. She is a local club member who has annotated here last year. Amy Krafchick reviewed a few details and they seem to be off and running.

Mark Handler, also a local club player, is here helping today as well. He hung up some posters for Ryan along the side wall of the room for each division's finalists.

Division C's table 1 featured Jacob Cohen vs. Benton Bowen. I watch Benton put down a double-blank bingo for 70: ElECTIoN. Jacob replied quickly with QUIRE/RE/El above Benton's play on the triple lane for 45. Benton also got downPATCHES for 82, but it was Jacob's win, 409-392. They are both sharp looking today with their light hair, glasses, black shirts, and winning smiles.

At table 2 in C, Jason Luci played Mark Abadi. I see Mark's LEADIER and SPATTED and Jason's GENTlES and 75-point ZEBU on the triple (!). Mark's win, 402-347.

Hannah Lieberman and Gerianne Abriano have a game featuing NaRLIEST* on the triple.

Sam Rosin vs. Joel Sherman. I scribble notes while they play and Sam comes up afterwards to tell me what they mean. The "good plays" were Joel's: TRiLOBAL and REgICIDE. The pedestrian plays were Sam's: OUTSIZED, FATTENER, TERRANES, and SEEMING. Sam won that game. I'd take the name pedestrian to get a win!

Bradley Whitmarsh squared off with Bob Linn this round. Bob played VERANDAS, FETATION, DARIOLE. Brad played SCRAPING and BORNITe. In a very tense endgame, based on better picking skills, Brad tells me he pulled out the win, 408-381.

SOBBER is ruled acceptable and Winter and Brett Haughney go back to their table.

The day is overcast outside and I wonder if a storm is rolling in. Francis Anum is in parka, hat, sweater, making it clear to all that this room is way too cold. However, it is important to know that he's doing so in a fashion forward way. :)