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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 16

Round 16

Mandy Holloman opened up her last game on today with CUPID. It is her tribute to Valentine's Day!

Stefan Rau vs. Lou Cornelis: NEUTRALS, F?LWORTS, RECOILER, and PLUVI?SE.

After repeated requests for her to not dutifully pick up her board the moment every one of her games finishes, Judy Cole found me in the hall after her game was over to show me a 501-298 win vs. Mark Schmidt. The game's first bingo was his: DISEAsED for 68 and he did have the lovely ZIG for 39, but basically, it was the Judy show. She played STARLIKE to the E for 84, UNLOVED for 91, INHALING through the N for 76, and the outbingo CaBINETS through the T for 64. Gulp.

Joey won again, defeating David Koenig, 455-368. Perhaps Joey's 105-point double-double sCRIEVE hooking atop HUB to make CHUB on the triple lane was part of the reason.

John Luebkemann vs. Brett Haughney. Brett played JAY, which he later added GEE to for JAYGEE, and ANYHOW on the triple line for 45. Othr than that, he pretty much kept score while John went on a ride around the board, dropping some beauties: LIBERATE for 70, LONGIES for 80, STARVINg for 92, and eTROPIC for 84. John's win, 502-293.

Joel Sherman played Steve Polatnick and won this round. I looked at his board and liked a play and he knew which one. I guess I'm predictable. The nonbingoHARDHAT. The two-blank bingo lIkELIER (blank Ls look funny, that is LIKELIER) was also played.

Noah Lieberman had a 564 game this round against Peggy Grant. He recounts his three bingos: THOrNED, MEMORIES through the O, and NURTURED.

As people finished their games and made their way outside, the format of the event began to take shape for some who were alarmed at the implications. As was stated clearly on the flyer, this tournament required players to do well enough on days 1 and 2 to qualify for the four-player finals, which would mean a double round robin to determine 1st through 4th places. The four that managed to earn their way in to tomorrow's situation were delighted. Those that didnt make it in were less so. Lots of "well, if I win all six games tomorrow and have more wins than X, I won't win first place?" And a lot of explaining how this might happen. Both divisions A and B will have a 5th place prize, too, so there will be many aiming for that prize.

Since we waited for every game to end before pairing this afternoon, we wrapped up a bit later this evening than last night, so people were streaming out of the playing room to grab someting to eat before the Late Bird concludes.

**********After Hours**********

Eric Harshbarger played a casual game after his 8 games today and before his 4 games tonight with Joey Krafchick. It was a 469-460 win for the School SCRABBLE phenom. About the game, Eric told me that Joey played EXTRA down the triple and he held PLOWEST and he played off the W, hoping to get an A. He drew an I and couldn't play EXTRAPOLATES for 110, but instead played PIOLETS. Eric also played OMNIVORE through the V for 76 andTERBIaS. Joey played RAPISTs on the triple for 95, ZINGED for 51 on the triple, and ORDAINER through the D for 72.

All 26 players showed up for tonight's Late Bird. In his Gibsonized last round game against Paul Avrin, Joel Shermn lost by two points, 374-376. Joel played cONVICTS for 74 and UNDREST for 71 and I see Paul's RACIEST for 85.

Joel won the whole thing and got $240 plus some Protiles. Winter came in 2nd but left befroe the ceremony. Third place was Bradley Whitmarsh. Fourth was Sam Rosin. Two class prizes were given out. 1st class prize went to Matt Hopkins and 2nd class prize went to Chris Ross. The latter ended the event 4-4 -622 and when asked in the awards ceremony how he did that, he pointed to Joel Sherman and said, "blame him." All in all, very funny, very quick, we are all wiped out beyond belief and need sleep. We start at 8:30 am tomorrow, half an hour earlier than today.