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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 15

Round 15

Thanks to the Lezin/Liebermann family for bringing me a notebook! It is great to have one place to keep my notes organized!

Division B's table 1 had a 468-285 win, Matthew Bernardina defeating Dave Rauppius. I won't go into great detail, but Matthew did outbingo with FLOWEReD to the D on the triple lane for 95.

Ian Weinstein pushed back into his chair as I walked by, revealing a pretty nice board. I asked his opponent, Joel Sherman, how it had gone and he said, "He only drew four fucking bingos in a row!" Laughing, Ian said, "yeah, and he was 134 points ahead before the flurry hit, too." The wonderousness of it was: MODERNES for 89, HEADSMAN through the E for 86, CREWmATE through the R, and TALKIEST through the K Joel put out for him, for 74. And it wasn't supposed to happen this way. Joel had opened with FREEMAN and Ian had VGLD and more crap. Both are playing into tonight's conclusion to the Late Bird and Joel said, "I'm gonna kick your ass in the night bird!" And, Ian laughed and said he was almost certain this was true.

Barry Keith vs. Sam Rosin, 439-384 for Barry, who spent a few moments telling me what a great man Sam has turned into with such great presence and skill across the table. I told Barry that he was preaching to the choir. Barry pointed out that Sam had made a nice play of FLATLETS for 72, which could make other flail around with a two-T and two-L rack. I see Barry's AMIRTATES and YAPON.

Bradley Whitmarsh vs. Brett Haughney. IsOLEAD, REWRITE, ZEDOARY (nonbingo), and PITHEAD/ED/ZA for 96, all for Bradley, which led to his 503-372 victory. Brett played LEARNING for 60 and a 140-point triple-triple EGALITES through the G. Late in the game, Brett made a desperation play that hooked to create DUIS* which Bradley challenged off. There was one tile left in the bag that Bradley knew was the Q, so he passed his next turn, "letting" Brett pick the Q, which he ended up eating. I admonished Bradley for his unkindness and he smiled and said, "oh, but only during the game!"

Joey Mallick continued to whale on everyone that came before him and this roundit was Lou Cornelis' turn. Lou opened with AIRPORT and Joey played RELAPsED through the P. Joey also got down TITANOUS to the S and BAREFOOT through the R. Lou played TENURIAl from the T and VASTNESS through the second S, and lost by a mere 6 points, 460-468. Great going for Lou.

One more game before we wrap it up for tonight and before we know the four finalists in each division!