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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 14

Round 14

Joel Sherman vs. John Luebkemann was a 436-408 win for the former NSC and WSC champ. I see JOhn\'s MAINStAY and SWIVELs. Joel got down ERGODIC and the fabulous THIONYL/HUP on the triple lane, hooking the H for 100 points. I see BURPED on the board and point to Joel as if to suggest ol\' GI Joel had kicked in. Typical Joel, and I kid you not, he said this exactly,\"Hey John played it, right after I farted.\" Meanwhile, I\'m sitting in Joel\'s chair as I write downnotes. Charming to the end that Joel Sherman.....

Ian Weinstein vs. Brett Haughney. A 479-323 celebration of all that is Ian. I see ERUCTING for 74, LIERNES for 72, URANIDES, and REQUIEM for Ian and Brett\'s pretty BEFrIEND through the N for 67. With this rack, Brett overdrew and of the tiles that Ian turned over, none of them would have mattered to preventing that bingo going down. Good on ya, Brett.

Winter had his turn at the cool table 1 against Joey Mallick, who has his LL Bean lantern out, shedding light on the board. Another glorious win for Joey, 478-369. I see Joey\'s RESILIns for 71 on the triple. I made him tell me those blanks three times. PLOTZERs is pretty, but it was made in two parts: Joey\'s PLOTZ and Winter\'s extension. The highlight for Winter is that I think I finally took a good photo of him this round!

Terry slaps down TABORINE to the E for 83 in front of me. It is parallel to a lovely SEAFRONT on the triple lane. I see InvEIGH on the board, too. Eric sighs and plays TEGMINA/AE, above Terry\'s bingo for 92 to get the last tile in the bag. As he drew he said, \"Oh, I hope this is my 100-point tile!\" Terry giggled in response. I find out later, it was her win, 450-377. I\'m very happy for her; she\'s had dreadful close games that have turned out to be losses, so good on ya, gal, for your wins! Your turn!

Two gentlemen faced off at table 4 this round: Barry Keith vs. David Gibson.It was Barry\'s win, 415-326.Barry played the gorgeous MILITANcE from the MI for 83 and David played BEdIAPER for 61.

Daniel Milton had a monster game this round against Stefan Rau, the latter of whom seemed to have just a dreadful game. Daniel achieved his 586-274 win by virtue of just two bingos: a triple-triple THANaGeS through the G for 140 and immediately after, a double-double FRUITION to the N for 94!

Recount in C that threw us off, delayed us. Running crazy, less news.

Fun in Charlotte, great games.