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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 13

Round 13

We begin to get serious now. Each of today's four rounds will require ALL result slips in to pair each round. So, I'm expecting to be sitting on a lot of games waiting for paperwork. That said, we have been, to now, having a great time and I don't think anyone wants to strangle either Ryan or me. That is good for an event being half over, I think :).

Bradley Whitmarsh took a crack at Joey Mallick who has planted a pine tree and stuck a flag of Maine (go Dirgio) at its base in at table 1 in division A.Bradley, like the others before him, lost. I see Joey's RELIANCE for 65 and SANTIMI for a mere 106 (he is slacking...). Bradley got down COMAToSe for 78. Brad is still kinda tired after his arduous trip here, but he is still in good spirits. Joey kindly pretended he had something to do while I sat in his chair and comforted Bradley.

Francis Anum, reading my commentary made me fix the long and lat, I had 1% and 20%when in fact, gasp, it is 0% and 23%.

Matthew Berardina vs. Chad Harris: DONnERT jumps out at me.

Barry Keith vs. Brett Haughney. Brett opened with AERATED for 64 and Barry replied with THEINES/AI/EN/AS for 73. Then Brett got down ATOPICAL for 66 and ACTIONS for 88. I point out his A bingos, which gets us talking about Mark Pistolese from Hawaii (okay, it got me going, not them) who loves vowels and knows ALL the two-A bingos, vowel heavy bingos. If you ever go to Hawaii and end up on some lanai sipping daquiris, watching the sunset, and you play SCRABBLE, opt casually to be his partner. You will NEVER lose a game. He has a way with vowels that is almost as masterful as Dave Wiegand's.

I didn't have enough color this round, so I had to make some up. While I'm at it, let me point out that Joey is 12-1. Awesome. In division B, we have three at 9-4: Rauppius, Bernardina, and Gottlin. Bernardina came in rated 1268 and has thus far earned 172 ratings points, so far. I'm going to start knocking on Joey's door. He may soon have company at table 1 (well, at next year's event!).Division C, Bowin is at 10-3 and Abadi and Greenman are at 9-4.

More color to gather!