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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 12

Round 12

Diana Grosman takes her swing at Joey Mallick this round and loses, 337-427. I see her SERIATE for 84 and his NOVELIST and SpAROiD both for 84.

On a Bradley Whitmarsh vs. Winter board, I see THIOUREA.

Eric Harshbarger vs. Stefan Rau. The game garnered a lot of attention.Stefan played MISEATEN and the lovely CENOZOIC for 96. Eric had his own 96-point play: BeATNIKS. Other fun words: ANURETIC and EXEDRA. Eric won this game, 434-431. Stefan sat for more than half an hour analyzing, reanalzying, tearing the board apart, reassembling it. In the endgame, Stefan was up by a bingo and both he and Stefan had full racks. Stefan played and blocked two bingo lanes, but Eric found a third and played DELUDINg from the D to bingo out. Analysis from many found that if Stefan had not bothered to block any bingo, but had instead played for points, he could have absorbed whatever bingo and still have come out the winner. There was much more talk about this game, but thanks to Sam Rosin for the distillation.

Sam Rosin played Greg Heidler and got down the 101-point QuINTARS to the S, SHOaLER for 83, and SPINDLED for 89. Greg played NAILERS for 68 (if that doens\'t reveal the nature of his tiles that game....). Sam\'s big win, 486-380. Sam teaches me that SHOALER is an adjective and does not take an S.

David Koenig vs. Ian Weinstein. Ian\'s win due to a late bingo of ADEEMED. I see David\'s JOLLiERS, GEARINGS through the I to make OR/EN/WOG, and COmBINE. Ian also played TANTARA and LINEUPS.

David Gibson vs. Steve Polatnick: cELOSIA and SONaNTS stand out on their board.

Libero Paolello, a man after my own heart, is wearing SHORTS today. The southern folk can wear coats and hats, but a man from Toronto knows good weather when he sees it!

Benton Bowen vs. Brenda Haughney: AUNTIES, OUTLIER, RAINBOwS, and JAILERs are bingos on their in-progress boards.

Andy Murphy vs. Alex Greenman: SECONDED is on their board.

Gerianne Abriano vs. Lisa Green: SLINGER, SINUATED, PAINTER, and EAGLETS.

Mark Abadi vs. Jacob Cohen at table 1 in division C. This is Jacob\'s second tournament I think and he is zooming. He had a 477-322 win. I see Mark\'s CARRYING for 80 and Jacob\'s REORIENT for 59, REMIsSAL* for 74, and AZOInES for 81.

I got a chance to talk geography with Francis Anum during lunch. I ask where he is from, he says Ghana, Africa. I said, \"No silly! I mean here! I assume you live in the States; surely you didn\'t fly in from Africa for this tournament.\" He grinned sheepishly and we proceeded to draw the state of North Carolina on a piece of paper.We were trying to plot Charlotte and Raleigh on my crudely drawn map. Me from Boston, him from Africa. Well, I think it was all just a bit too much for Peggy Grant to take and she grabbed the map from me and replotted stuff, making clear that NEITHER of us knew a thing about the state! We kinda had to laugh. Charlotte, as it turns out, is actually on the border of NC and SC. We went on to plot Myrtle Beach, Georgia, the Florida panhandle and even figured out where Alabama fit in. Then, sensing the need to redeem himself, Francis turned over the paper and drew Africa for me, pointing out Ghana on the west coast, at the intersection of 0% longitude and 23%. His gist was, he\'s from the tropics. And I took this opportunity to turn it into a fashion convo since, why not, right? I asked if it was because of this tropics biz that he was always in a parka with fur collar and hat. He assured me it was. I\'m sitting in the sun and he\'s inside with gloves on. Go figure.

The helpers/players were awesome. Amy Krafchick got Brian a sandwich from Panera Bread and I got delivered a Subway sub with spinach on it (!) by David Gibson and a peach ice tea from Nordstroms (!) by Teresa Schaffer. Kindness to directors goes a loooooong way!