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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 11

Round 11


I run down the aisle. An overdraw by Noah Lieberman, four on rack and four on table. Dave Rauppius gets to turn over three tiles. He chooses DE?. I'm not even going to finish this story about what happened next.

You want a vacation? Direct a Southern tournament! There hardly ANY director calls! People just get along down here or something. Those contentious northerners!

Between Sam Rosin and Eric Harshbarger, I glean an interesting statistic.Their room is playing the most games in this tournament. A total of 144 games! Winter, Sam, Eric, and David Koenig.

Ian Weinstein vs. John Luebkemann. John played FAIRNESS and RELINEs. Dr. Ian got down MUGGIER, KAFTAnS, and CERATOID. A 500-club game for Ian, 500-368. Of the game, John said, "He opened up a lot of volatile spots, but I just didn't have the tiles to take advantage of the openings."

ROTAtIONAL from the R through the TA for 70 points: Bradley Whitmarsh. He also got down YTTRIAS. Joe played PhRENIC and kinda curled his lip when I asked him what the blank was. I said, "Oh yeah, H, of course." Joel's win 430-411.

Brett Haughney vs. David Koenig. Brett won this game and David is sticking an ice pick in his eye. I see Brett's NEPoTIsM to the M for 83 and HORNERS* for 83. In addition to taking this phoney, it appears that David missed a play that would have given him a win: EPHOD through the H to the triple.