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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 10

Round 10

Stefan Rau is a bit out of sorts today, descibing himself as not playing well, etc.So, when he hit table 1, he said, "no thanks" to annotation. The highly mobile annotators took no umbrage and moved on down to table 2. Paper annotation w/out computer wires is quick bizness. (that is for you Marlon)

Anyway, the game against Joey Mallick, went quickly; the first to finish in the room. As I approached, the normally affable Stefan was shaking his head and almost growling. I see his RAVIGOtE for 61 and LEEWARD for 86. Joey played InTENTLY for 70, CONDUITS for 74, and DENTALIA for 69. Joey's win, 449-389. Of not being annotated, Stefan said, "I won't be at table 1 again, so it is a non-issue." Despite being a bit grumpy, Stefan manages to be pleasant. I think it is the doctor in him.

Peter Allen vs. Mark Abadi. I see RELINEs, LIGATEs, and BADGERER*.

Hannah Lieberman vs. Chris Ross: STRINGER, INVENTS, and MINIEsT*. Her win.They hug when it is over. Good buds, despite a 20-year age difference.

Joe Waldbaum is having his game of the touranment so far with Jane Skaffe.They go to the machine to take a challenge and the play comes up. Joe has played BELONGER* for 87.

Alex Greenman vs. Jason Luci. As I watch QUACKER/*EH/RAH goes down for 86. The play is held, but stays. I also see WOOdIES and REACTION.

The G is mighter than the K in the meeting of the Davids. En Fuego Gibson played four bingos in a row: CORBIES for 78, AUDITORY for 74, CZARISTS 92, and LANDsLID for 74. At this point, Koenig exercised is consitutional right to challenge and learned a new word! Taking a bit of a rest, Gibson's fifth play was AXE for 56 and later he got down JAW for 44 and REFERENT for 66. After seven turns, Gibson had 464 points. I'm wondering if there was any oxygen left at that table at that moment? Koenig got down SHOALED for 70 and TRAMPING for 92. Koenig's last rack: PRIMATE and there was a slot to play it until Gibson, the meanie, blocked it. 580-385, G won. Admirable to get 385 in the middle of that, K!

Brett Haughney defeated Ian Weinstein this turn, 482-406. I see Ian's FALAFELS and UNsAVORY. Brett played ENTICING and OVERHEaR. Nice guy, Brett. Wonderful to meet players not often seen. I'm having a blast in Charlotte. And Brett's mom plays, too, and we all know that SCRABBLE is "America's good time game."Maybe we should play it more often on family game night!

Terry Kang Rau vs. Joanne Cohen. Tense endgame, I spy rEINFUSED along the toptriple lane. Things are tense, clock is low for Joanne. I get called over because Joanne didn't have the total scores right when she went out with 00:00 on her clock. They have a not overly contentious debate about whether she had the score written down before the game ended. I left as Terry was debating a recount.