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2010 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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Round 1

Round 1

The day greeted us with bright sunshine and melting snow. On the plus side, Bradley Whitmarsh made it here with two hours to spare (no sleep yet, but he's here!). Bob Linn, who we were almost sure wasn't going to make it, did indeed make it!

Joel Sherman is still running late and trying his hardest to get here. His first round opponent, Cynthia Seales, is sitting patiently at a board with no clock running since she'll be making up this round 1 game during lunch.

Our cancellations thus far have been from Larry Gradus, MaryCapalbi, Ossie Mair, George Rogers, Alan Riechman, MargaretSwanson, and Eliza Gallagher. Sad casualties to the blasted weather.

Matt P. Hopkins (not Philly-based Matt Hopkins) is en route, we think, but may be slowed by weather as well.

Poor Noah Lieberman drew Matt this round and thus receives a bye.

We are at 28 in A, 34 in B (if Matt shows), and 19 in C.

Chad Harris drove up from Clemson, SC, today. He counted 15 crashes on the side of road as he drove here, very carefully….. Being from New England, the "weather" doesn't seem as bad as it is for those not used to snow.

Terry Kang Rau and husband, Stefan Rau, had a tough trip here and with three hours of sleep under their belts, headed to the playing room this morning. Terry, dryly, said to Stefan, "watch, someone will open with a bingo in my first game." And, she could make money with these predictions! It happened. Ian Weinsteinslapped down IpOMOEA for 68. After the game, she admitted she wasn't at all miffed. That was a hard find (with the P a blank) and he deserved the points for finding it. Terry got down TUBBINg for 67, but it was pretty much all Ian, 433-313.

On a John Leubkemann vs. Barry Keith board, I spot DIASPORE and watch John nonchalantly toss down CORRY through the second R for 36

On a Steve Polatnick vs. Libero Palello board: DEMONIA? and GENTILES.

George Rhyne vs. Chuck Riordan: MANAGER?, RESINED, and OUTLINER through the N.

This playing room is suffering from the "colds." Players are wearing winter hats, winter coats, sweaters. I got the hotel to understand their plight and the room has heated up a bit today.

On a Peggy Grant vs. Francis Onum board (Francis in a winter hat pulled down low), I spot MANIFEST.

Marilyn Pomeroy vs. Paul Avrin: YARdaGE.

Random division C boards: LIONIZE?, ASSuAGED, PENTODEs.

Hannah Lieberman is playing in the division of bright orange score sheets, on a board with bright orange Protiles, and with a full head of bright orange hair. She is a delight of matching hues today.

Two words in my notebook: REVELRy and GROYnES. Not sure where, not sure why.