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2009 Eastern Championship

Tournament Coverage

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After the Tournament

Phew. It's all come and gone as a blur. I typed and scribbled as fast as I could, but couldn't get things ready until about 4 PM. Gibson knocked off Luebkemann to send him back to 4th. Mallick's and CBB's wins moved them into 2nd and 3rd respectively, and Sam Rosin snuck into 5th. For a quick rundown of the rest, go to TSH Reports -> Prizes.

Miscellaneous prizes went to Kate Fukawa-Connelly (The Wordbook for playing COMPLINE, forming 6 other words for 90-something -- picture to follow), and to Dan Milton for SHITTING for 76 (getting Letterati by Paul McCarthy for that high Poo word). Some NAMPY awards were donated by Mike Baron; laminated cheat sheets for players who weren't quite at their potential yet. Ironically enough, all 5 recipients of the award didn't attend the ceremony. Donations of $60 (approximately 1.2 x (.5 * number of entries)) will be made to both and John Chew, as thanks for their hard work and creativity. The EC, and many other tournaments, would in no way go as smoothly without their help.

Me, I packed up what was left of the scraps (wow, the room look like a tornado hit it, and there were several items left behind -- CBB left his clipboard, but I had left the venue before I got the message asking me to retrieve it for him, so if anyone picked it up, please let him or me know. Also of note, a bag of tiles, maybe a few racks -- not sure. Yes, more annotated games to come soon, as well as photos of the whole to-do. Meantime, do send me your feedback. You know where. I'm off like a prom dress!