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2013 Carolina Cup

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The Carolina Cup is an unrated invitational Round Robin competition between 8 top players from North Carolina and South Carolina. This year, it will be at the home of Eileen Johnson on August 24th, 2013. First invitees should RSVP by August 1st, 2013. The entry fee is $30, payable at the door. This goes to cover the cost of food and some small prizes for the winners. Members of each team will play the other team's members once, and then in the final two rounds, we'll do KotH with 1 repeat allowed the last two rounds (still limiting opponents to opposite teams).

The selection process is as follows: Generally, top players are invited from each state, and wildcards are chosen after discussion between team captains to balance teams and promote diversity of the field. Once available you may view the rosters under the TSH reports to the left to see how this year's teams look.