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Charlotte Scrabble Club
NASPA Club #668
Charlotte :: Myrtle Beach :: Gatlinburg
The Park :: Carolina Cup :: Alpharetta

Division A High Spreads

9288573285Cynthia Seales (A9)Liz Gottlin (A11)
8274550276Martin Weisskopf (A8)John Merlau (A10)
19256527271Martin Weisskopf (A8)Heather Steffy (A12)
10250559309John Luebkemann (A2)Gerry Greenside (A6)
1218530312John Luebkemann (A2)Ryan Fischer (A3)
10214487273Ryan Fischer (A3)Martin Weisskopf (A8)
9210520310Ryan Fischer (A3)Heather Steffy (A12)
17210566356Liz Gottlin (A11)Jermaine Harris (A13)
18207527320Gerry Greenside (A6)John Merlau (A10)
5198538340John Luebkemann (A2)Liz Gottlin (A11)
8194514320John Luebkemann (A2)Jermaine Harris (A13)
9186483297David Gibson (A1)Gerry Greenside (A6)
1182456274Joey Krafchick (A4)Dave Leifer (A5)
5178497319Joey Krafchick (A4)Jermaine Harris (A13)
20172410238David Engelhardt (A14)Jermaine Harris (A13)
19170417247Gerry Greenside (A6)David Engelhardt (A14)
2167412245Gerry Greenside (A6)Liz Gottlin (A11)
17160512352Ryan Fischer (A3)Gerry Greenside (A6)
19160463303John Merlau (A10)Liz Gottlin (A11)
19159466307Cynthia Seales (A9)Jermaine Harris (A13)

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