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Charlotte Scrabble Club
NASPA Club #668
Charlotte :: Myrtle Beach :: Gatlinburg
The Park :: Carolina Cup :: Alpharetta

Division A High Losses

18472513Timothy Bottorff (A7)Ryan Fischer (A3)
2466504John Luebkemann (A2)Timothy Bottorff (A7)
11464484Timothy Bottorff (A7)Ryan Fischer (A3)
1451486John Merlau (A10)Liz Gottlin (A11)
4450497Ryan Fischer (A3)John Merlau (A10)
3447506Gerry Greenside (A6)Ryan Fischer (A3)
8440451Gerry Greenside (A6)Heather Steffy (A12)
3436470David Gibson (A1)Jermaine Harris (A13)
5434437Cynthia Seales (A9)Ryan Fischer (A3)
16433455Ryan Fischer (A3)Timothy Bottorff (A7)
12425452John Luebkemann (A2)Dave Leifer (A5)
15423426John Luebkemann (A2)Timothy Bottorff (A7)
8421460Ryan Fischer (A3)Liz Gottlin (A11)
7414511David Engelhardt (A14)Ryan Fischer (A3)
18413461David Gibson (A1)Dave Leifer (A5)
3412489Dave Leifer (A5)Martin Weisskopf (A8)
8409482Joey Krafchick (A4)David Engelhardt (A14)
7408424Martin Weisskopf (A8)Gerry Greenside (A6)
7408446Liz Gottlin (A11)Timothy Bottorff (A7)
2407413Martin Weisskopf (A8)Jermaine Harris (A13)

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